TUGAS 1 SOFTSKILL BAHASA INGGRIS 2, Direct and Indirect Speech


Npm : (11213094)

Kelas : 1EA29


4. Tom said, ” I have already eaten lunch now ” (DIRECT SPEECH)

= Tom said that he had already eated lunch now (INDIRECT SPEECH)

9. Tom said that he needed his pen (INDIRECT SPEECH)

= Tom said, ” I need my pen ” (DIRECT SPEECH)


Yups yups yups, I like Roses, so this time I will discuss about this flower.

I think the type of scrub roses are the most favored by the people. Fragrant smells and many collor choice make this flower easily to found. Many people who use the rose as a medium to express affection. Rose also used for wedding ceremony, flowers for valentine’s celebrations, flower for mother day greeting and others. When the big event be present, in there roses located.

Someday, i visit my bestfriend’s home, she is Vika. In there I saw something different, there is a rose flower lay in corner on the table.

I ask her directly about the interest :

I said, ” wowww, beautiful rose in your room, vika. ”

Vika said, ” Ya ya ya, quickly come here and see what I got. So beautiful right ?

I said, ” Yes where did you get it? Did your new boyfriend who gave such a beautiful flower ? Congratulation baby..

Oh My God, Yes I see when she looking at a very blooming flowers with roses. It was very romantic. Vika said that I would not expect, the flower is giving by she’s boyfriend last night. Likewise with other teeneger who are in love, roses are usually purchased that will be used to express affection. I’am very found of roses, petals are thin and the long and storny stems are makes me even more impressed with the beautiful flowers.


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